ATI is a Research and Development company specializing in Next Generation Safety Products. Dr. David S. Breed formed Automotive Technologies International (ATI) in 1988. Dr. Breed is a highly respected scientist in the field of automotive safety. He is the recipient of the H. H. Bliss award as one of the inventors of the airbag.

Products like Smart Airbags that take the occupant into account when they deploy, wireless and powerless tire pressure monitors so people know if their tires are inflated to a safe pressure, Pedestrian Detection systems to protect people around the vehicle, and many others. ATI is primarily engaged the early recognition of automotive safety needs and the development of innovative devices to meet these needs. ATI currently has over 300 granted and pending patents. A list of some of our technology interests can be found here.

The products that ATI develops are quite complex requiring a high level of scientific competence. At ATI, we believe the most interesting problems and challenges are 5 to 10 years out, as such, we often work on technologies or projects for years before companies in the automotive industry take note and work with us to bring these technologies to market. Due to relationships we have formed with the scientific community in the Former Soviet Union, we are able to develop and produce quality designs very cost effectively.