Problem to be solved – Create an airbag inflation system which stops the inflation process when the airbag or airbag cover encounters resistance from contact with an out-of-position occupant.

Solution – An aspirated inflator reverses flow when the pressure increases above a design value thus the airbag stops inflating without hurting the occupant.

Features – Inflators which aspirate most of the gas to inflate the airbag use only one third of the propellant of conventional inflators.

Benefits – The airbag stops inflating as soon as the airbag interacts with the occupant even if the occupant is out-of-position against the airbag cover. Thus, the airbag cannot harm the occupant eliminating the need for occupant sensors and crush zone mounted crash sensors thereby vastly reducing system cost. Since the gas generated from the pyrotechnics is diluted by ambient air, the gas in the airbag is cool and will not burn the occupants. Airbag system cost is greatly reduced.


Patents –5772238, 5772238, 5653464, 6532408, 6179326, RE39868, 6905135, 7744122, 7481453, 7040653, 7762580, 7740273, 7575248, 8801033, 9039038 Plus 2 pending and 21 in process.

Development Stage – Successful deployments of driver and passenger airbags have been demonstrated. Development for commercialization is in process.

 Business Opportunity* – Worldwide licenses are available except China.