Problem to be solved – Create a single point crash sensor which measures accelerations in three directions and rotations about three axes and does not need self-testing.

Solution – Build the sensor around a mass produced MEMS IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) with drifting errors corrected using GNSS satellite signals.

Features – Can detect crashes from any direction, provided structural coupling is available, as well as rollovers about any axis in one small very inexpensive device.

Benefits – One device measures crashes from any direction and rollovers about any axis for selective deployment of any or all of the vehicle’s airbags. Very significant system cost reduction.


Patents – 5684701, 7580782, 7604080, 8914196, 8801033, 9039038 plus 1 pending and several in process.

Development Stage – Feasibility demonstrated.

Business Opportunity* – Worldwide licenses are available. Development partner.